Touken Ranbu Munechika Mikazuki

"Touken Ranbu" Munechika Mikazuki Right-side"Touken Ranbu" Munechika Mikazuki Back-shot
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Mikazuki, it is a Kimono costume.

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Coat, Hakama, Tops, Band, shirts

[Other Goods]

Shoulder clasp, List protection x2, Decoration, Sandals


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M size
[Coat] Length : 109cm / Shoulder Width : 31cm / Bust : 82cm / Sleeve width : 46cm
[shirts] Length : 56cm / Shoulder Width : 39cm / Bust : 88cm / Sleeve Length : 59cm
[Tops] Length : 26cm / Shoulder Width : 36cm / Bust : 68cm / Sleeve Length : 56cm
[Hakama] Waist : 67cm / Total Length : 96cm