Touken Ranbu Kanesada Izuminokami

"Touken Ranbu" Kanesada Izuminokami Right-side"Touken Ranbu" Kanesada Izuminokami Back-shot"Touken Ranbu" Kanesada Izuminokami Front-up
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It is Izuminokami Kaneda's Uchiban style costume.

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Inner, Coat, Trousers, Band

[Other Goods]

Tasuki string, Arm and cover x 2, Hair band, Wig


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M size
[Inner] Length : 56cm / Shoulder Width : 37cm / Bust : 88cm
[Coat] Length : 87cm / Shoulder Width : 48cm / Bust : 104cm / Sleeve Length : 53.5cm
[Trousers] Waist : 66cm / Rise : 31cm / Inseam : 62cm / Size of base portion of thigh : 32cm