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  • Can I rent a costume without member registration?
  • Yes
  • How kind of merits do I get if I register as a member?
  • We are planning on providing various discounts and other services from partner companies. We will notify you as soon as they are finalized.
  • I forgot my password. What should I do?
  • Click the Login button of Top page and go to that site. Click where it says "Lost your password" and it will take you to the password reset screen. Enter user name or e-mail address and click the Reset Password buttom and set your new password for yourself.
  • What should I do if I forgot both the ID and password?
  • Please send the "Inquiry Form" message to us.
  • How do I change my user information?
  • Login and go to "My Page". You can change the user information there.
  • What do I do when I want to withdraw from the membership?
  • Please send the "Inquiry Form" message to us.
  • How do I deleate my address from your newsletter mailing list?
  • Please send the "Inquiry Form" message to us.
  • Is it possible to rent the particular pieces in the set? Like just the tiara or just the shoes?
  • In principle, we ask you to rent in sets. You may find what you want in the "Single Items" category or you can ask us by the Inquiry Form.
  • How many days is the rental period?
  • We think maybe you enjoy our rentaling costume only one day with the purpose of Anime costumes. So, we think before 3 days are shipping and after 3 days are return period. That total 7 days are rental periode (max. 6 nights and 7 days). In other case, we are planing "1day rental Event" which is through a partner company service. We will announce them though our news (notice) page.
  • I can only select 1 set for one ordering. Can I rent more sets of the same costume?
  • We have only 1 set in each rental good. So unfortunately you can't rental more sets. However, there are different sets for the same character, so if you are looking for something particular, sent us a message by the Inquiry Form.
  • I should order berore 1 week or more days from the date of use in the Net Rentaling Guide. Is it possible to order less than 1 week?
  • We may be able to accommodate your request depending on our stock status, your address or whether it is though a partner service. Please ask us by the Inquiry Form.
  • I cannot make my hotel reservation in time of your shipping schedule. Can I go to your office to pick up the costumes?
  • Unfortunately, we are not handing out our costumes at our offices.
  • Can I receive and return costumes at the event hall?
  • We will notify which events allows you to receive and return costumes on event site. Please follow our news (notice) page
  • What is a deposit?
  • Deposit means for our security for rental service. You need to deposit a certain amount of money to rent the costume and we will pay back it when the costumes are returned in good order. You will need to bare the PayPal transaction fee. If the costumes are lost or highly damaged to the extent that it is not usable for our business, the deposit will not be paied back to you.
  • What kind of payment methods are available?
  • In principle, payments are only accepted by PayPal. Bank Transfer is only available for those who have a Japanese bank account. Please see the Net Rental Guide for details.
  • Can I change the costumes after I paid fee?
  • You can if it is before the shipment date (3 days prior to the date of use). Please send us a note on the "Inquiry Form".
  • I want to cancel my reservation. When should I notify cancellation?
  • Please do cancel until the day before the shipment day (shipment day is 3 days prior to the date of use). In principle, we do not accept it after shipment. It will be occured several cancellations charge depending on the timing. Please see the Net Rental Guide for more details.
  • Can I change the shipping address?
  • Please notify new address until the day before to the shipment day (shipment day is 3 days prior to the date of use). If you want to change from Net Rental Service to partner company service etc., please tell me your request on the "Inquiry Form".
  • Can I change the date of use?
  • We may be able to accommodate your request depending on the booking status so please tell me new date on the "Inquiry Form".
  • The costumes have not arrived until the delivery date.
  • Unless the delivery is disrupted by bad weather etc., the costumes will arrive no later than the day before the date of use. You can check the delivery status on the Sagawa Express website with the tracking number that we e-mail upon completion of shipment. Please send us a note on the "Inquiry Form" if you have not received the costumes despite the delivery status is "delivered" on the Sagawa website.
  • Some items in the delivered costume set are missing. What should I do?
  • We check with great care if all items are packaged in the box upon shipment. Rings and other small accessories are put in a small bag and separately packaged from the goods like as dress. Please send us a information on the "Inquiry Form" if anything is missing.
  • What's happens if I did not receive the costumes due to wrong address or destination unknown?
  • We ship the costumes to the address that was registered. If the costumes were returned to us due to wrong address or destination unknown, it will be considered normal deal. So please be careful not to make mistakes upon registration.
  • The costume size does not fit me. Can I change size?
  • In principle, we do not change sizes after the costumes are delivered. So please check your size carefully when you place an order.
  • I damaged the costume. What should I do?
  • Please send back the costume regardless of the damage and we will confirm the extent of damages. If the damage can be repaired, we will demand the fee of repair costs. If the damage is irreparable, we cannot pay back your deposit.
  • I lost small parts (tiara, shoes or socks etc.) or all items of the costume set. What should I do?
  • Please send us a note on the "Inquiry Form". Depending on the item, we deduct repaire cost from the deposit or we cannot pay back the deposit.
  • What happens if the costumes are not returned after the return due date and we cannot contact that customer furthermore.
  • We cannot pay back the deposit.
  • I lost the return shippment voucher. What should I do?
  • Please get a delivery slip on your own and fill out the address specified in the Rental Guide. Please as any question you may have on the inquiry form.
  • Can I extend the rental period?
  • We may be able to offer you options depending of the booking status. The charge will be (price - deposit) x 10% per 1 extended day. Please send us your request on the "Inquiry form".
  • I really liked the costume. Can I purchace them? And if it's possibe, how do I do?
  • Sorry, in principle, we cannot sales them.
  • Do I need to dry clean the costume before I return it?
  • No, dry cleaning is not necessary. However, if you make a stain with food or beverage etc. Please do your best to wipe it off when you've noticed it. We will dry clean the costume after it is returned but if the stain cannot be removed, we may demand the fee of repair costs from deposit
  • When will the deposit be paied back?
  • Once the return delivery is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the details of the date of payment back.
  • What's case do you have about deposit reducing or no payment back?
  • If the costumes are lost, partially missing or if there is irreparable damage, we will reduce repare cost or we cannot pay back fully.
  • What are partner company services?
  • We're planning on providing event booth bookings and other services with bed and breakfast companies for example. We will make announcements on our news (notice) page as soon as they are fixed.
  • I don't get your e-mails.
  • Check your bulk mail folder first. If it's not the bulk mail filter, please check with your smartphone or internet provider.
  • Can I rent a costume on the spot without any reservations if the event is listed in your news (notice) page.
  • Depending on the booking status of that day, we may have extras available for rental. It may not be the costume that you're looking for, so if you know what you want, please send us a E-mail and we will check availability. In such cases, we only accept cash.

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